We are Vaartuig, a.k.a. Brian & Mathilda

Not sure how to pronounce "Vaartuig"? Don’t worry, we’ll teach you. ;-)

Written as one word, "Vaartuig" can be translated as "Sail craft".
But it has a completely different meaning if you break up the word: "Vaar tuig" means "Scum that sail”— a nod to Amsterdam’s history as a haven for pirates. Read on to find out more about the two Amsterdam locals that you’ll be braving the high seas with — er, rather, cruising the low canals with. We’re a married couple with kids who decided to launch a company together, organising Amsterdam canal cruises with a twist!
We present:

The Sailor and Booker

Mathilda (who was found as a stowaway on a Mediterranean vessel). A mother of one, she is real funny and a bit feisty (so be careful!) She loves boats, loves to party and dance, and is as sincere and big-hearted as they come.

Get in touch, she’ll be happy to help you create your perfect canal cruise!

A photo of woman on the left and a man on the right
Mathilda and Brian, co-founders and co-owners of Vaartuig!

The Captain

Brian (who previously sailed the Caribbean with Captain Blackbeard’s crew). A father of three, Brian loves life, loves boats, loves Amsterdam, loves his wife deeply and believes we can all make this world a better place.

Brian can’t wait to share the beauty and history of Amsterdam with you as the Captain of your boat tour!

When these two treasure-seekers found each other, they decided to begin a new life together on the charming canals of Amsterdam.
They built a new craft, a beautiful modern saloon boat, and named it the Zavi (which means “boat” in Mongolian.)

Now they spend their days sharing the history and charm of their city with with guests from near and far!

Our Reputation

Top captain and boat

"Very nice and well kept boat with a captain/guide who loves his city and loves to share his knowledge of it: what do you want more? Lovely expérience."

Roberto G
Highly recommend

"We loved this boat trip. The best one we have done in Amsterdam and all because of Brian. Was a lovely host/captain, we had such a cool time. Would book it again for sure, highly recommend. Amazing experience and wonderful trip"


"Very informative relaxed cruise. Lots of information from an enthusiastic local. The boat has some roof which was great as it was a very hot day so nice to spend some time in the shade. Another great point - the boat is electric!!. No noise, and no fumes."

Rupert Gunstone

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